Health Insurance Simplified

Health Insurance Simplified

Health Insurance SimplifiedHealth Insurance SimplifiedHealth Insurance Simplified

Health Insurance Simplified

Our commitment to your health.

Everyone needs access to affordable health insurance. Let us find a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Tailored to your needs

We can customize health insurance plans for every individual in your family or employer group making our solutions cost effective and completely flexible.  

Our commitment to value

Our plans provide great value for considerably less than traditional plans available through The Exchange.  Save up to 40%!

Coverage Options

No two individuals are alike and as such coverage needs vary greatly .  We offer plans with first dollar coverage as well as a variety of deductible levels to meet the unique needs of each individual's health needs and budget.

Low Premiums

Health insurance premiums as low as $155 a month for a plan with zero deductible and comprehensive coverage while a $1,000 deductible plan for the same individual is $85 a month.

Freedom of Choice

Our health insurance plans allow you to go to any doctor or hospital you choose.  Furthermore, if the provider accepts a payment rate lower than the amount offered under your plan, the difference is credited back to you!

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